Lohan’s Pals Still Trying to Get Free Booze Using Her Name


Lohan’s got some scabby pals. People are still calling the front desk at the Mondrian Hotel in L.A., using her name and asking for free hooch to be sent up. Lohan’s reps are claiming she’s freshly scrubbed from rehab and too busy filming her serial killer ghostly stripper movie to be ordering Belvedere from the front desk. You decide.

FORMER party pals of Lindsay Lohan are still having late-night fun in her name. A spy at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood tells Page Six a raucous group called the front desk in the wee hours of Saturday morning, “demanding bottles of alcohol be delivered to their room. They insisted they were with Lindsay and threw a fit until the hotel finally brought up the booze.” But Lohan’s rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, said, “It’s far-fetched that Lindsay was there. She was working all night on the movie set of ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ until 5 a.m. What kind of friends are these that are not supporting her sobriety?”

Leslie Sloan Zelnik is such a dumbass. Gee, probably the usual bunch of hangers-on, sluts, bloods, dweebies and dickheads that she was hanging out with before. The ones who were leaking her high-ass Al Gore Blackberry texts to the tabloids for drug money. The ones who knew she could get a good price on coke because she was in Mean Girls. Those ones, dumbass.