Lohan’s Lawyer Took Her To Rehab, Shirley MacLaine Not A Fan


Word on the street is that Lindsay’s lawyer drove her ass to Promises Malibu yesterday in the aftermath of her DUI bust on Saturday night and her looking incredibly hot and not at all high or drunk outside of Teddy’s in L.A. on Sunday night. The lawyer might have cause to make sure she gets her shit together because she was supposedly set to start filming a new flick with Shirley MacLaine soon, and she probably won’t get insured if she’s a mess. Also, I think Shirley would probably backhand her ass into a previous life.

TMZ spotted mega-lawyer Blair Berk driving Lohan to the facility on Monday. Sources tell TMZ this is “a serious medical treatment program,” not the in-and-out ruse used by other starlets in the recent past. We’re told Lohan will be a resident at the facility, possibly for 30 days, but her outpatient treatment will last much longer.

It looks like that movie with Shirley might be off for Lohan completely. Keep reading.

According to MacLaine’s rep, there’s actually “no deal” in place for Lohan to act in “Poor Things,” produced by and starring MacLaine. The rep added that casting isn’t set, and shooting wasn’t scheduled to start for a couple weeks.

That’s not what we were hearing just this weekend, when several very reliable sources (and the trades) were saying that Lohan was set to begin shooting on Thursday for three weeks, and Still Rolling Productions — the company producing “Poor Things” — said that Lohan’s DUI arrest wouldn’t affect shooting.

Shirley’s not having it. She’s far too busy with crystals and reincarnation and being a crusty Hollywood battleaxe hot broad to deal with this chick.