Lohan’s Incredibly Annoying Father Ordered To Drop It


Sit down! Shut up! Jesus, your daughter’s a mess on wheels and your main objective seems to be doing everything you can to get your face on the tube. Except that you’re not a star! You’re middle-aged and a fame junkie! Go to a meeting, Creepshow! Lindsay’s father Michael has been ordered by law enforcement to leave Lindsay alone and to stop badgering her lawyer.

Lohan, who is on parole, has been ordered to stay away from Lindsay. Law enforcement sources tell us the order was issued last month by the New York State Division of Parole, Central Long Island Bureau.

In addition to staying away from Lindsay, the Parole Board ordered Michael to keep his distance from Lindsay’s lawyer, Blair Berk. We’re told the order was issued after Michael made “repeated, unreciprocated contacts” with Lindsay and Berk.

The board has said they will revoke his parole if he keeps badgering his spawn. Couldn’t he have been crossing the street when she was motoring drunk around L.A. and engaged in a car chase? That’s harsh. But he’s really irritating. Crazy people can be amusing, or they can be ponderous. He’s on Team Ponderous.