Lohan’s Definition of “Sober” Means “Drinking Vodka Out of Water Bottles”

January 5th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Page Six reported on Lohan’s recent surgery but also mentioned how her ass is still drunk but on the downlow about it.

sources say 20-odd friends were shuffling in and out of Lohan’s apartment in L.A. on Wednesday night when she called in sick with the flu to the set of “I Know Who Killed Me” – which will halt production until she’s recovered. Her visitors “were not there to bring her chicken soup,” a source said. Another spy said she was continuing the “constant party she started on New Year’s.” While celebrating in Miami, Lohan wouldn’t allow bottles of liquor near her where they could be photographed – but Page Six received eyewitness accounts of Lohan drinking vodka out of water bottles. This isn’t the first time she’s stopped production on a movie set due to hospitalization – she was “dehydrated” during “Georgia Rule” and “exhausted” during “Just My Luck.”

Sobriety is hard, and chances are you backpedal. Backpedal right into an Evian bottle filled with Belvedere.


By J. Harvey

  1. Sarah

    That silly girl never stopped drinking. Who on earth does she honestly think she’s fooling. Whoever she’s got on payroll to keep her drunkass looking sober is a genius. And, do drugs count if you’re “sober”? This girl either needs to check into a real rehab abd fast or there really is no hope and we should all not be forced to have to listen to all the BS about her and her pathetic party-life. She is role-model all right… she sure sets a good example on how no parent should ever raise a child.

  2. Parent

    People don’t stop abusing alcohol until they have a reason. This girl is young, rich and having a ball. She will quit abusing alcohol by death in an accident or after she has had a major negative life event. Rehab for most folks just helps you break the physical addiction – so that you can go back to the original “high”. She will quit when she is ready – if she lives long enough.
    Watch her as entertainment and don’t take her as a role model.

  3. How can they even be so sure that it was alcohol? did they walk up to her and smell the bottle…. i dont believe this. not that i defend lindsay often, but it doesnt make sense.

  4. rdiggity1

    They said Mel Gibson was at the bar drinking Vodka from a water bottle the night he got the JewUI

  5. JenJen

    so she drinks non stop so what, she can do what she wants. Everyone needs to mind their own business and keep there nose out of everyone else’s

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