Lohan’s Being Used To Sell Condos

March 29th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Condos with Scotch-garded carpets and plenty of room in the bathroom for four people to hunker over a mirror? Rumors that Lohan has purchased a condo in NYC have proven to be untrue but she seems to be borrowing it to make the place look good. If by “good” you mean “has a convenient and discrete service elevator for the guy dropping off the blow”.

Lindsay Lohan has become the latest marketing lure in the competitive world of Manhattan condos. Despite reports that Lohan bought an apartment at the new Atelier on West 42nd Street, The Post’s Braden Keil reports the developers merely offered to let her use an apartment there to give the project some star power. Prior ad campaigns for the building have included Maggie Rizer, tennis star James Blake, Gabrielle Reese and Jesse L. Martin, none of whom have bought there either. A Lohan source says she’s neither buying nor renting the unit but will likely start shopping for a Manhattan pad once she returns from a three-month movie shoot in London.

I’m glad she is thinking about accquiring a place in NYC. It’s so important for her to complete her recovery. She needs to take herself out of that fast-paced, shallow, drug-fueled L.A. lifestyle and into that… fast-paced, shallow, drug-fueled NYC lifestyle. See you at the Box, Linds!


By J. Harvey

  1. margaretta

    There goes the neighborhood

  2. its me

    hey..are these taken the same day and time? her nails in the 1st pic are pink & the rest of the pics show them black.

  3. Anrum

    Maybe they mean CONDOMS not condos.

  4. Yeah, I thought they said condoms at first. I can just see the ad: a photo of Lindsay Lohan and the words “double up.”

  5. Anonymous

    “Promoting” their real estate??? WTF!!! A “rehabbed” alcoholic druggie before she’s even 21. Would I want to live there?!?!? LMAO. What are these people thinking?!?!?!?

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