Let The Lohanity Begin

Here’s a clip from Dina and Ali Lohan’s new show Living Lohan, and let me just say that the idea of 14-year-old-going-on-30 Ali Lohan becoming a grade A trainwreck within the next couple years has been confirmed.

In the clip there is a little introduction to the show where Dina, trying to look like she’s asking for your sympathy says, “Ali just loves this business, and unfortunately, I have to manage her.”

Okay, we all know Dina is queen of the stage moms. You can’t fool us that you aren’t thrilled with Ali’s aspirations by throwing in the word “unfortunately.” Cue clip from the show.

Why is Dina letting Ali see the alleged photos of Lindsay? Remember these? It’s fine to be open about it, talk about it, but to put them in front of your child’s face?

According to Mom of the Year Dina it’s acceptable.

But that may be the only appearance Lindsay makes on the show. Dina has banned her oldest child from their reality series.

“I told Lindsay I don’t want her on the show right now. Doing reality TV would almost be taking a step backward as far as her career,” Dina said.

Because no work is better than reality work. Somehow I think Dina may be right on that one.

Photos: WENN