Lohan To Attend Robert Altman’s L.A. Memorial Service Because She Was Too Lazy To Fly To NYC

Seriously, I think I need to clean the sand out of my vagina this morning because I am all kinds of cranky. Maybe she was too busy working on her hooker death movie to attend the NYC one . Whatevs. She’s just happy that Britney’s taken her spotlight so she can go hang out with Steve-O and maybe get pissed on. In bars. Post-rehab. Yeah, that took. Drunk.

Lindsay Lohan’s hard-working rep called in from a tropical vacation to assure us that Lohan – who is hard at work on her flick “I Know Who Killed Me” – will absolutely attend the L.A. memorial for her father figure, Robert Altman. She skipped the one in New York.

Well, it’s just that she was all “oh Robert Altman’s my father practically” in one of her high-ass Blackberry texts back when she was snorting everything but the curtains. So if my real Dad was in jail and the guy I chose as his replacement kicked and I was a rich superstar, I would get my ass on a plane and head to NYC to honor him. That’s why everyone’s sniping at you, Freckles.

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