Lohan Strikes Back

Remember last week when former Lindsay Lohan bodyguard Lee Weaver spilt a WHOLE lotta dish about Lohan to a British tabloid? Fun tidbits included her doing huge amounts of coke with Nicole Richie and some Jessica Simpson weave snatching. Anyway, this appears to be Lohan on yet MySpace page putting him on blast. Her grammar is worse than mine.

you can run

a former friend who was supposed to protect me, instead did the opposite and ran to a British tabloid to get a couple dollars. He’s stolen camera/memory cards, panties, jewelry, and even money. he’s a con artist and that’s the reason he was fired last year. He will be held responsible for the false stories & recent pictures he’s been circulating verywhere (sp.?)

give Lee a piece of your mind *** *** ****

By the way? Those asterisks? His supposed phone number. Bitch is serious. Admittedly it must suck when an employee turns on you, but take the bullets out of his gun – you cokehead dummy. Don’t put yourself in a position to be photographed shoveling Columbia up your damn nose and leech people won’t use it against you. Dumbass.