Lohan Stiffs Chauffeur

In what has become typical behavior for La Lohan, Lindsay has yet to contact the chauffeur who found her missing handbag filled with over $1 million worth of jewelry at a London airport. According to Contact Music:

Lohan’s representative promised TOM WEBSTER a reward or a thank you note from the star after his discovery at Heathrow Airport earlier this month (SEP06) – but he has heard nothing. Webster tells PageSix.com, “They haven’t gotten back to me. Not a word. She seems like a nice girl and she was pleased to get the bag back – it was full of diamonds and bracelets and necklaces. But it’s really disappointing. I’d like to hear from her with maybe just a ‘thanks very much.’ “Her people took my address and phone number and said they’d be in touch. I know these stars need a good looking-after, but she could have easily just spoke to me on the phone.”

That’s seriously why blackmail is the only way to make sure you get the money you deserve, my friend. I’m just saying.

Written by Lisa Timmons