Lindsay Lohan Engay-ged?

May 23rd, 2008 // 14 Comments

Photos: SplashNewsOnline

These two party-loving lovebirds were all snuggled up here at the Cannes film Festival and interestingly enough, Lindsay’s sporting a ring on her engagement finger. Of course, it could just be a fashion statement, but with California gays allowed to get married now, maybe these two want to exercise their God-given right to make ill-advised decisions, like the rest of the country is free to do.

Meanwhile, Dina’s going to have to finally sit down and have that conversation with poor, delusional little Ali in which she explains that when a lesbian DJ and an affection-craving starlet fall in lust, they like to express their feelings for one another by leaving giant hickeys on each other’s necks and shooing away other bitches who might be trying to waft their pheromones on their mate. And you know she’s going to film that shit for season two.

Photos: FlynetOnline

12 more photos of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson partying on a yacht at the Cannes Film Festival are after the jump.

Photos: FlynetOnline

By Lisa Timmons

  1. the phantom

    At least Samantha can earn a living.

  2. HomoPhobe

    Im pretty sure same sex marriage isn’t god given!

  3. S_M_G

    And how are you SURE homophobe? Spoken to God lately? Enlighten us!

  4. HomoPhobe

    Yeah I Have And He Says It’s Super ICKY!

  5. S_M_G

    Great argument

  6. Career to Off

    Blohan’s on the booze an drugs again. Sammy-Boy is holding her up in the main pic. Blohan looks like she going pass out. AGAIN.

    Good thing she went to rehab 3 times. Time well spent. Kept her out of jail.

  7. ummm

    haven’t had a sit down with god latley but i’m pretty sure he expresses how he feels about gay marrige in his book!

  8. green cardigan

    Career to Off…….I’ve got to agree. I really doubt Lindsay has the willpower or maturity to avoid drink and drugs at these showbiz parties. Her life seems to be an endless cycle of clubbing and partying, in spite of the rehab stints. So yes, I reckon that first photo of her with her DJ friend (who looks about 55 by the way) shows her about to nod off.

  9. misslala

    They sure are classy. I love Sam’s cigarette in her hat band and the dress I used to make my Barbie wear that Lindsay has on. What a cute couple.

  10. say what?

    god didn’t write that book. man did, and it’s certainly open to interpretation. just like it was when it was written. man put HIS viewpoint into it.

    regardless of god’s viewpoint on same sex marriage, that’s not the god-given right that Lisa was referring to.

    the god-given right she was referring to was the one to make ill-advised decisions. you know, that pesky FREE-WILL thing that god bestowed upon man.

  11. S_M_G

    Well said “say what?”

  12. XYG

    When will you people stop believing in stuff thats not there. God has nothing to do with free will. I’ll go one step further…god doesnt exist.
    Morals and knowing the differnce between right and wrong has nothing to do wtih Torah, the Bible or the Kohran. Religion is essentially a fairy tales for adults. There is no heaven or hell..its just worms people. WORMS
    Sorry to blow your bubble…
    Also, for you people that like homosexuals>>WHY?
    Gays have been around since ancient Rome.
    Homosexuality and what people do in THEIR bedroom has nothing to do with religion or politics.
    Why do any of you care what people do behind closed doors.>When will you learn religion is a way to control the masses .>oh and give you money way. Its a shame.>>
    Hell without ‘gays, gypsy’s and people of color…there would be no culture…’< >

    The fact is, the reason why LL is the way she is due to poor parenting and being in a unstable enviroment for so many years and not having a childhood.

  13. b.SL

    I TOTALLY called this! Yea!
    I would love for Lindsey to become an upstanding, law-abiding lesbian citizen, but geeeezzz… what a trainwreck.
    I only hope Samantha Ronson doesn’t get too far in. That Papa Roach song “Scars” should start playing when you click on this. Aye, Lindsey. You are NOT destined to be Marilyn Monroe, despite WHAT the voices you hear after the mushrooms tell you.

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