Lohan Lost Some More Jewelry

She’s been terrorizing Old Blighty.

LAZY LOHAN was forced to cough up £20,000 at the weekend – after losing a bracelet she borrowed from a posh jeweller’s.

The workshy star was slapped with the bill from Cartier when she “misplaced” the diamond-encrusted bangle after a week on the lash in London.

The Sun reports that she borrowed the piece to wear for her hosting gig at the World Music Awards last Wednesday, which was an all around disaster. She got booed off stage, and Michael Jackson couldn’t sing the chorus to We Are The World. God, I wish I could have been there. Maybe MJ took the bracelet to hawk so that he could pay off some more parents of molested children.

A source said of her latest blunder: “It was embarrassing. Lindsay couldn’t find it anywhere and was trying to stall for time to see if she could dig it out.”

She had a string of pals coming in and out of her room as well as security, management and hotel staff tending to regular requests.

The room was turned upside down and fingers were being pointed at various people for it going missing. Lindsay ducked out of seeing the jewellers herself and left her management to sweep it under the carpet.

In September she was snapped in floods of tears and holding her head in her hands after losing a Hermes bag packed with her gems and asthma medication at Heathrow Airport.”

How many times in a five minute period do you think her management wishes her ass dead? Suggestion to Ms. Lohan – store your incredibly expensive jewelry and other important items with your “asthma medication”. That way you’re sure never to misplace anything. And yes, asthma medication is in quotes because I’m using it as euphemism for cocaine.

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Written by J. Harvey

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