Lindsay Lohan Rebounding with Heath Ledger?

December 4th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Since Lindsay Lohan supposedly is focused on slowly, but surely getting her life together, I really hope the rumor that she and Heath Ledger are now an item is off the mark. A mysterious, unnamed source claimed that Lindsay and Heath hooked up with the divorced Australian actor over the Thanksgiving holiday after they met at the Beatrice Inn in New York. The source also claims that the two immediately made a connection and met up several times for some late night trysts, but that it was “purely sexual.” Lindsay reportedly broke off her relationship with Riley Giles to shift her focus back to getting her life and career in order, but getting herself involved in what sounds like yet another romantic distraction doesn’t sound like the wisest choice on the planet. But, it would be in keeping with Lindsay’s most recent award.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online/Getty Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    I certainly hope that all of these little starlets use condoms. Seriously — unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners significantly increases a person’s chance of getting HPV (human papillomavirus). HPV is directly related to cervical cancer.

  2. Tony the Tiger

    I saw Lindsay Lohan up close and personal at the New Year’s Eve celebration at the Delano Hotel last year….and she had a horrible herpes rash across her chin and mouth. Hopefully Heath used protection….like wrapping himself in a few plastic bags!!!

  3. skinny fat

    is there anyone these two won’t do?

  4. stolidog

    I can smell the stench coming off of these two from here.

  5. Janepitt

    Gross, really gross!

  6. Zelda F.

    Me thinks “no, they don’t use condoms”… That’s why so many of them get knocked up and the rest of them have herpes or hpv! I’ve thought that same exact thing so many times, “do none of them use condoms??? It almost seems a bit incestuous, they’re all sleeping with each other. IIICK!!!

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