Lindsay Lohan Present For Dolce & Gabanna Downfall

February 21st, 2008 // 9 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohab at the D&G show at Fashion Week in Milan. For real, how does she get into these things anymore? Didn’t the Marilyn Monroe shots seal the deal? Christ. Anyway, I’m not one to really report on the cutting edge of fashion (shoutout to my peeps behind the register down at the Old Navy!) but sources are saying that Dolce & Gabanna’s new line this time around sucks it. They’re supposed to be known for their saucy clothing but this go-round they covered all their twigs up.

One American buyer went so far as to say “If I was on a blind-date and a girl answered the door dressed like that, I’d say I was gay and looking for my boyfriend’s apartment.” Straight but not narrow! The models were covered in woolen vests, and mid-length skirts and hats.

Other celebs besides Lindsay on the scene were Fergie, Sheryl Crow, the psychotic Naomi Campbell and hotass Monica Belluci. Lohan herself was in more traditional D&G garb, and confessed that her skirt was “too short”. Dude, if this famed motorho thinks her skirt is too short, it’s got to be actually completely inside her vaginal walls.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Queen Caffeine

    who is that blake fielder-civil (or whatever his last name is) clone lurking next to her? is that her dealer?

  2. Sarah

    LL REAAAAALLLY needs to update her hair.

  3. Dave

    Different person has different style.My black friends on the page, blackcentury. com , also have their own style.And they live a happy life .We can’t comment anyone because we are different.

  4. You simply don’t even have the looks of a HORNY porn star.
    So there is only one solution possible:
    ……………..JOIN WAL-MART!!

  5. justifymylove


  6. Monica

    D&G!? WHY!!?

    Oh well there’s always Prada & BULGARI.


  7. Seb

    OH Lord, one thing y’all need to know though…D&G is the Cheap ass 2nd line… not to be confused with the more Expensive Dolce&Gabanna line.

  8. I can’t believe someone still wants Blohan around.

  9. Kayla

    She is a pathetic, lying whore! Sombody tell this slut she is NOT a cleebrity!!! Linds cannot act, sing, or dance!! All she can do is screw anybody and everybody and lie about being sober! MAKE THIS WHORE GO AWAY1!!!

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