Lohan Doesn’t Do Ex-Sex, Thanks


Which is sorta shocking. But Wilmer Vandaflintstone, or whatever his name is, found out the truth the hard way. He recently went through the motions of trying to win Lindsay Lohan back (or was maybe just angling for a beaner in the coatroom) and got shot down like a B-52 bomber.

Lohan, who’s been out here every night like an owl on the prowl, was onstage singing at Unik’s weekly karaoke party when Valderrama, Ashton Kutcher’s handsome co-star on “That ’70s Show,” showed up around 2:30 a.m.

Rehab’s brightest star had been tabletop karaoke slutting full speed ahead, when Wilmer got on the mike and dedicated a song to her. It was Matchbox 20’s “Back 2 Good”. Who in the f*ck would ever go out with a Matchbox 20 fan? My Moms likes Matchbox 20. Or was that Maroon 5? Same thing. I love you, Ri-Ri!

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After the guy sang his heart out, Lohan, now sitting at a table with five pals, including Samantha Ronson, yelled out for all to hear:

“It’s too late!” Oh. No. You. Dih-int. “Wilmer tried to take it like a man,” says our clubgoer. “But he left a few minutes later. He headed up to PM.”

Hah! OWNED, BITCH! God, who would have thought her ass was saucy? Anyway, Wilmer ended the evening by trying to pick up a waitress. He gave her an $1,100 tip on a $400 bill. Acting like a racist caricature on a cancelled Fox sitcom brings you some bank, huh? Hopefully, he got some to wash the sting of defeat off his pee-pee.