Lohan Checking Back In After Attempted Vehicular Homicide of Curb

May 29th, 2007 // 4 Comments

If you’re like me, you spent Memorial Day Weekend glued to the Intranets for news of Lohan’s fate since she spent Saturday night coked out of her mind and smashing her convertible into curbs. Three point turns are hard to pull off when you’re too busy trying to Hoover all that white goodness off your fist. In Touch Weekly is reporting she’s off to rehab for try #2 . Don’t go to Wonderland! They give you a free bag of coke at the door!

Lindsay Lohan is on her way back into rehab, In Touch can exclusively reveal. After a wild weekend that saw her arrested for DUI early Saturday morning — and out of it in a car just two days later — she’s seeking treatment.

“She finally realizes it’s the right thing to do,” a close friend of the 20-year-old actress tells In Touch exclusively. “She is going willingly.”

Allegedly she checked into rehab yesterday afternoon. This comes after reports that, despite her arrest, she was out again on Sunday night at Teddy’s – claiming she could give one about her arrest the evening previous. She’s a brave one, that Lohan. Nothing will stop her from achieving her goal of throwing away everything she’s achieved and ending up as an synonym for coked-out skank tragedy after she overdoses.


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Click here for some pics of her all messy on Sunday night with her pal Samantha Ronson. This is a good look for your post-DUI arrest. She’s wearing what appears to be sobriety chips around her neck. How cheeky. Don’t be a bitch, Lindsay, You’re the one driving around with Bolivia up your nose and taking your aggression out on sidewalks.

By J. Harvey

  1. S_M_G

    Oh I’m shocked. I have an alcoholic friend that crashed his brand new BMW into an apartment complex! The next day he checked into rehab for show and did community service, didn’t see the inside of a jail.


  2. Erin

    This girl is such a narcissistic, immature, drama queen; I guess everyone goes through ‘a phase’ but eriously, this really goes beyond smoking a bit of weed at a friend’s and stealing parents’ liquor. The behaviour of these ‘celebrities’ puts my feeble teenage efforts at being a rebel to shame. However, I think it’s more down to lack of means. All of them (LL, NR, PH etc) need a bloody good wake up call – Jesus, make them get up and work in a crappy job that starts at a normal time. HAVING to get up and go to work at a normal job after a night like that would teach a marvellous lesson (and while they’re at it – pay them the standard wage – then they couldn’t afford to get wasted on blow and rampage in mercedes, bentleys, SUVs). I should so be in charge!

  3. haha

    j. harvey, you rock my world!

  4. Betheny

    The sobriety chips are photoshopped or faked imo. Compare the rings and nail polish in that pic to the others. She’s losing it, yeah, but not while wearing sobriety chips.

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