Lohan Basically Giving Us All A Free Pass


Lindsay Lohan confessed recently that she likes the paparazzi. I have to give her credit, at least she’s ‘fessed up to what we’ve all known for the last couple of years. She’s a big coked-up attention whore. Ok, she didn’t mention the “coked-up” part, but you know how it is.

The truth is out: Lindsay Lohan just loves getting snapped — by the paparazzi. “I obviously like it,” says Lohan to Nylon magazine (via Page Six) of the photographic attention she attracts. “I wouldn’t ever want them to not take my picture … I’d be worried. I’d be like, ‘Do people not care for me?'” She says that the only time she’s felt bad about prying lensmen has been “in a chic restaurant, or when I was in the AA meetings,” because she thinks it’s “disrespectful.” Meanwhile, she fesses up to a real addiction — a shopping problem — and it’s bad enough that she has to tell her therapist about it.

She might have a shopping addiction, but it’s not for buying nice things. Have you seen her outfits? She looks like she came from the roller rink in 1979. By way of a hayloft she just got plowed in. I don’t know what what means, but her clothes suck.