Lindsay Wants Her Dad To Shut His Trap

Michael Lohan is running his mouth and his famous daughter, Lindsay, has had enough. In a recent phone interview with Billy Bush, she said of her father’s public outcry, “It is not attractive to me. It really upsets me, and I wish he would stop.”

Poor Lindsay. I do actually feel bad for her. She seems to be trying to get her life on track somewhat, meanwhile, her dad has decided to reopen his divorce case with her mother and he’s running to the media to loudly air his grievances.

She’s decided to focus on her upcoming projects to distract herself from her familial troubles. She’s got her upcoming film Manson Girls to prep for and she’s also working on her new album. Lohan is still waiting to hear back from certain producers and told Access Hollywood, “I am hoping to get some great producers on it as well as the ones that I have, but I really want Timbaland and Akon.”

Timbaland might be difficult to snag, but Akon seems pretty easy. She should just offer younger sister Ali to him to either dry-hump or throw or both. It’s up to him which he prefers.


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