Lindsay Lohan Chills With Various Hookers, Hustlers And Street Urchins

Lindsay Lohan says, “Fuck glamour!” Bitch just wants to hang with the cast of Kids 2008. I admire how she’s willing to totally lay around the streets looking like she will give you a basket job for five bucks and a bus token. In actuality, all of these bitches are probably filthy rich and slumming. They look way too clean. Posers. I hope some real street people beat them and take their shoes.

Lindsay’s staying off the sauce/coke/men with the help of her best friend, DJ Samantha Ronson. The two are inseparable and Sammy is even staying over at Lindsay’s place to insure that she stays off the yay. And to also insure that her fingers are the only ones digitizing Lindsay’s triangular mystery. Let’s be real. Get it, Sam!

“Sam still has her own place,” said a source, “but she spends every night at Lindsay’s in an effort to keep the wild child out of trouble.” And on her face! This is a Hollywood love story like no other!

In actuality, Lohan and Ronson are hanging out outside the DCMA store on Melrose, and then Lohan and Ronson took her black Porsche to get some lunch at Joan’s on Third. People need to get jobs.

Photos: WENN

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