Lindsay Lohan Acting, On TMZ, Making Music

Lindsay Lohan is trying to get back to work, preparing to star as a cult member in The Manson Girls and she’s also now signed on to star in a film that has her stripping off all her clothes. Florence will have Lindsay playing a sex-crazed waitress and she’s hoping her portrayal will “remind people she can act and she’s worth hiring,” revealed a source to The Sun. Hmm, the last time she stripped, it earned her a couple of Razzies, but I guess we’ll see.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures taken right before she decided to go back to blonde and after the jump, you can see her guest spot on TMZ in which she poked fun at herself. The starlet faced off with Harvey Levin, pretending to pitch an idea about a starlet stuck in a grocery store, unable to decide which cereal to purchase. It’s actually pretty funny and Lindsay was a good sport about the whole thing, really nailing a good Ariva reference.

But, with her acting seeming to be somewhat back on track, it looks like her music career has stalled a bit. She’s been reportedly canceling crucial meetings with superstar producer Timbaland, even though Lindsay’s rep denies that two such meetings were nixed by the young starlet. A good sign for Lindsay, however, is that Ne-Yo is still interested in collaborating with Linds. Tracks that he has created for Lohan have been initially rejected, but he’s hoping they can come together and make some beautiful music. And by “beautiful” I mean cheesy shit I can dance to and possibly perform at karaoke, because the range isn’t quite as daunting as that of Whitney or Mariah.


More photos of Lindsay Lohan hanging out in West Hollywood and video of Lindsay Lohan’s appearance on TMZ are after the jump.

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