Lindsay Lohan Goes Back To Being A Blonde

Here’s Lindsay Lohan and her best friend Samantha Ronson out and about. If Samantha Ronson is driving a Porsche, can she buy better clothes? I know I’m supposed to be writing about Lohan’s hair and her looking puffy, but for real. Why does Sammy always look like she came from the Goodwill? Thrift stores are fine, but just mix it up once in awhile. She put all the money into the car.

Anyway, Lohan’s blonde again and looking as cheap as usual. She can wear all the porkpie hats she wants, it’s still looking very checkout girl at Johnny’s Foodmaster.

It’s sweet that straight girls and gay girls can be best friends. We need more of that. Don’t get me wrong, though. I think Lohan’s a total labia tease. Samantha can do better. I’m sure there’s some hipster babydyke smoking a cigarette outside the Salvation Army shop that would be down for it.


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