Lindsay Lohan Accidentally Toasted to the New Year

Now, I’m not usually one to sympathize with these young celebrities I enjoy criticizing on a daily basis, but I was sad to see Lindsay Lohan hitting the champagne bottle in a video of her celebrating on New Year’s Eve. Reportedly, it was handed to her and she took a hearty swig. Even though she’s been shopping and kissing random boys like it’s going out of style, I do believe that she’s earnestly working on kicking her addictions–at least to the things that she ingests–and am genuinely hoping that the girl doesn’t end up killing herself. I’m pretty busy as it is, fretting over Amy Winehouse and whatnot. But, according to her lawyer, “Lindsay immediately stopped herself, called her sponsor and got back on track,” so I guess that’s good. But seriously, she needs to stop hanging out with people who have no problem handing her bottles of champagne. I have a feeling she’s already having trouble saying no to putting things her mouth that she shouldn’t as it is. Italy, I’m looking right at you.