Lindsay’s Saying the One Time She Wasn’t Wasted in 2005 Was Before Her Car Accident

The woman who still thinks it’s a good idea to walk around with no pants on even when sober is claiming that she was most definitely not under the influence during her car accident in 2005 that has resulted in a law suit against her. Raymundo Ortego, was in the car hit by Lohan and is claiming that she was served booze at The Ivy, the L.A. restaurant where she had dined prior to the fender bender. However, Lohan says, “I did not consume an alcoholic beverage or any type of medication or drug.” And, according to the 21-year-old, it was Ortego who is at fault, stating that he made an illegal U-turn that resulted in the collision. It sounds like a whole lot of “he-said-she-said.” I just hope for Lindsay’s sake, she realizes that wearing something more opaque than those black hose she’s rocking in these pictures will probably help her case in court.

(Umm, sorry about the original structure of that last sentence. Making sense is not always my forte.)

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN