Lindsay Lohan Needs Money For Christmas Presents

December 17th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Word on the street is that photos of Lindsay Lohan all made up and headed into the recording studio are being offered to certain tabloids to the tune of 30K. The photos look suspiciously staged, and chins are wagging that Lindsay is selling these herself through photo agencies. Someone needs to buy brother Dakota that Wii somehow! A friend of Lohan’s (i.e. assistant or PR flack) says that everyone in Hollywood is doing it, much like Pilates or wasabe enemas. “Everyone does this in Hollywood; it’s totally normal. Lindsay’s excited about the new album and wants to get the word out, ” the “friend” says. Speculation is that Lohan can’t seem to book herself any film roles because people don’t want to get entangled in her addiction/party sluttery drama. She allegedly hasn’t received any invites to the popular industry Christmas parties. Don’t worry, Linds. You can come to the one I’m going to. We’re going to have hot chocolate and Peppermint schnapps and a dirty Yankee Swap. It’s the most!

Photos: WENN

21 more photos of Lindsay Lohan shopping at ‘Madison’ on San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. Sam

    Lilo is a total wreck, and I’m hoping she can turn it all around like Jenna Jameson. I just saw a series of pics of Jenna at

    and she looks sexy as all Hell! I hope Lilo can turn things around like Jenna and get her life on track!

  2. Enuff

    Ummm…can we see another outfit-style please – - or are the shiney/matte spandex her going out pants?

  3. mojo

    nice fake’n'bake tan lines you got on your face there linds. It really compliments the red sweater/hobo outfit you r wearing

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