Busboy Rats Out Lohan’s Drinking During Car Crash Two Years Ago

December 7th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Lindsay Lohan slammed her Mercedes-Benz into a van while leaving a luncheon two years ago. At the time she used the whole “I was evading the paps” excuses. Now the busboy whose van she destroyed is saying he has evidence proving she was drunk off her ass when she left the restaurant. Wasn’t she 19 at the time? How did she get served? Can you literally do ANYTHING in L.A, if you’re famous? It is like Grand Theft Auto? Like, if it gets a little TOO bloody the cops MIGHT show up? Raymundo Ortega is suing for $200,000 in damages. A hearing was scheduled in which Ortega would be asked to prove to the judge that Lohan was drunk. He called their bluff and allegedly already has a receipt showing that the vodka was flowing fast and furious at Lindsay’s luncheon. Lohan’s lawyers quickly cancelled that hearing. Lohan has counter-sued, saying that Ortega was taking an illegal U-turn when she slammed into him. She’s neglecting to mention that she was checking her eyeliner in the rearview mirror while enjoying a takeout cocktail at that time as well.

Photos: INFDaily.com

By J. Harvey

  1. Applespice

    LOL @ the GTA comparison.

  2. You’re currently in a BIG financially CRASH also!!
    I think thisone “KILLS” you!!

  3. hmweis1

    He’s just now bringing this up…after two years? Isn’t there a statute of limitation on this stuff??

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