Logan Lerman Shows Off His Killer Body and Talks Acting In ‘Interview Magazine’

So today, we’re all in luck. Logan Lerman took his shirt off and took super sexy pictures for Interview Magazine and it’s perfect.

Logan flew to NYC to do the photo shoot and interview with Interview Magazine, and in my opinion all of the pictures turned out great. Logan has been getting more and more attention lately because of his acting successes, but he also definitely deserves some attention for those abs. For real. 

For the shoot, Logan posed alongside a gorgeous, also barely dressed model, and I’m super jealous of that girl. He seems to be working well with her, but he was actually kind of nervous. “Still photos are so uncomfortable. There’s something about 24 frames per second that’s more freeing. I mean, when it’s just one frame at a time … not to mention they threw this beautiful, naked model in the middle of this shoot. You take an awkward guy and you make it more awkward.”

Ugh, he’s too cute. Who knew acting and taking a photograph could be so different? In terms of acting, Logan has been at it since he was five, so by now he’s getting pretty comfortable with it.

“I was kind of guided into acting by my mom, and as a kid, I did it for fun. It was just a way to get out of school. But then I grew this great passion for film and really appreciated the position that I was in, and I was like, ‘I’m going to start acting.’ I started doing roles and working with people that I really respected and became passionate about the art form of acting.”

We all know Logan can act, but did you know he’s musically inclined as well? “I play the kazoo, a little bit of the harmonica, steel drum. Those are my primaries.” Of course, the quirkiest instruments for the quirkiest guy. I really love this dude.