Logan Lerman Is Cute As A Button As He Gives Us A Taste Of ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’

You guys, I can’t even deal with how freaking adorable Logan Lerman is.

Look at him, being perfect, not really smiling, being coy, being cute…there’s a lot going on here and I love it. Logan was busy promoting his new movie, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in New York City yesterday (July 29) at the Soho Apple Store.

Logan was joined by co-star Alexandra Daddario, who was looking rather lovely in a pink top and black skirt. You can check out all the photos you want of her in the gallery. 

Logan has had a pretty entertaining on screen career, and Percy Jackson is no exception. I mean, being the son of Poseidon has got to be a good time. Also, Logan kicking ass is fun for everyone.

And now to get your daily dose of perfectly adorable, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Logan at the Apple store. Any of you lucky New Yorkers get out to see him yesterday? Was he as dreamy in person? Let us know in the comments!