Logan Lerman Is Back Promoting ‘Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters’

Logan Lerman, the blossoming hunk is back to his defend his powerful title in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. This adventure packed film is based on Rick Riordan’s best-selling second book of the same title. With such box office success on the first movie Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief high hopes are held for the sequel.

Sea of Monsters will send Percy and his friends to dark places where they will be forced to battle to the death in attempts to secure the Golden Fleece and bring it safety back in time to save their world.

Thor Freudenthal is the films director, and Lerman takes his place back as the demigod son of Poseidon, who travels down his own path of a somewhat modern-day Odyssey. Lerman spoke about his role saying, “at the beginning of this film, Percy in not living up to his potential and he doubts himself. Percy feels abandoned by his father, the Greek god Poseidon, and then, he finds out that he has a brother.”

While Percy struggles to wrap his head around his long-lost brother, he is forced to deal first-hand with beats such as a Cyclops, sea monsters, fire breathing demons, and other mutated creatures. There is also a powerful Oracle that makes Percy’s journey rather difficult, causing him to lose his sense of guidance and meaning. Lerman says the Oracle tells him he “is either going to destroy Olympus or save it. He’s not sure if he can rise to the occasion.”

Lerman spoke with excitement when discussing the three months of fight training he went through before the first Percy film. Lerman laughed when he spoke about how savvy he feels when using a sword. Let’s hope that he keeps all sword fighting to the big screen, where there are trained professionals on deck!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hit theaters August 7! You’re not going to want to miss all this demigod action!