Logan Lerman In Mexico Promoting ‘Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters’ & Talks About Weirdest Fans!

Everyone knows that Logan Lerman is the new young male super star on the streets!

He has been busy out promoting his newest movie Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, this time in Mexico. Constantly signing autographs and having pictures taken of him, this charming young man seems like he’s ready for his super stardom to me!

Logan has been working as an actor for over a decade and his boyishly humble ways have appealed to all sorts of audience members. In fact apparently people of all ages both young and old have fallen for this new heartthrob.

With all of this love poor Logan has had some… let’s say awkward and straight up weird moments with the fans!

According to Hollywood Outbreak Logan told them about one of his weirdest moments when a man came and told him that his dream was to live in a house with him, Donny Osmond, and the kid from Where The Wild Things Are.

Ha-ha, poor Logan at least he seemed to handle the creepy awkwardness well!

Can’t get enough of Logan? Check out more pictures of this cutie in our photo gallery being a great super star and signing autographs at his promotion for his movie in Mexico!