Logan Lerman And Douglas Booth Look Fantastic At The Mexican Premiere Of ‘Noah’

Noah may be a movie about the end of the world, but considering what an all star cast the film has I feel like I won’t be able to help but be hopeful as I watch all of my favorites on the big screen together.

Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth, two very beautiful men, recently attended the Mexican premiere of their new movie Noah at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City, Mexico. The movie is slated to be released on March 28th, and has quite the all star cast appearing in it. 

Logan and Douglas both looked fantastic as they signed autographs and posed for the cameras at the premiere. There was even some selfie taking that went on. What is it with celebrities and selfies these days? It seems like they just can’t get enough.

I’m a huge fan of the suit Douglas wore. Bright blue looks crazy good on him. Logan also strayed from the typical black attire and sported a brown suit instead. Making fashion statements, I like it. Keep an eye on Logan, this heartthrob is definitely going places. The boys were joined by their director, Darren Aronofsky, as well as costar Jennifer Connelly.

Other powerhouse stars appearing in the movie include Emma Watson and Russell Crowe. Good God, what a cast. I seriously can’t wait for this movie to come out, partially cause it looks good, partially cause I love the cast, and partially cause I can’t get enough of Douglas Booth’s sexy face.