Lock Up Your Kids, Paris Is Free

Someone needs to start a neighborhood watch program with this menace out on the streets. Paris was released from jail around midnight last night. I know we were all praying Shanna Moakler would pull a drive-by as Paris appeared but no such luck. Way to achieve, Shanna.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Paris lost nearly 10 pounds during her stay, and that on her way out of jail, she stopped to change clothes in a public restroom that “smells rancid.”

Sources also tell TMZ that Lynwood jail is happy to see Paris go, and they hope that things can now get back to normal.

She’d turn any room rancid! You’re going to be hearing even more now that Paris is a convicted criminal. You’re going to hear about all her thoughts, feelings and dreams. And about her cell. And the jumpsuit she had to wear. And she’s going to be all about the rights of prisoners in the next few days. Until, a really good “My Super Sweet 16″ comes on.


More photos of Paris Hilton as she’s released from jail are after the jump.