Local Fisherman in St. Tropez Narrowly Misses Contracting Hep-C from Pam Anderson

Recently on Howard Stern’s radio show, Pam Anderson discussed her regret over marrying Kid Rock. From Stuff.co.nz:

Pamela said: “It was a big mistake, but I was in St. Tropez, I would have married the fisherman on the corner!

“I think I just got swept up and I wanted to have a family for my kids, but you remember really quickly when you get back together why you’re not together. It was just a long time apart and the whole idea of having a family and knowing somebody and not having to introduce somebody new to my kids.

“We just knew each other. We both wanted a family, we both have kids. But when we were together it just wasn’t a good thing. We’re just two very different people.”

I suppose that’s a completely reasonable explanation–were they a couple who married one time at a quickie ceremony in Vegas, but not for two people who made the same mistake four times in a row. That might even be an acceptable excuse for the first three ceremonies, but I think it’s that last one that put it over the edge for me.

Pammy tries to laugh off Rock wedding [Stuff.co.nz]

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