Local Reporter Mistakes Will.i.am. For Wyclef Jean…Then Calls Him ‘Wah-Lay’ [VIDEO]

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Miami’s Channel 7 sent the whitest white guy to Chicago for President Obama’s victory last night, and it got awkward.

Blake Burman was poised and ready to capture the energy inside McCormick Place, and most likely did his homework ahead of Election night.

And then, fate threw a wrench into his perfectly pressed plan.

Berman was all sorts of star-struck as he motioned for the camera man to pan over to Will.i.am, who was giving another interview.  “That’s Wyclef Jean giving an interview,” Berman said matter-of-factly.  “He is one of the many surrogates, you could say…” 

Berman’s producer corrected him off-camera.

“Sorry?  Who? What?  Wah-lay!  Excuse me, Wah-lay.  Got my artists mixed up.”

Ugh, my heart hurts for him.

Finally, Berman came to and realized that the gentlman behind him was, in fact, Will.i.am.