Lizzie Grubman: Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Chris Stern is not my boyfriend. No were not dating. Blah, blah, blah. Note to Lizzie, if you’re going to make those statements, you may want to refrain from making out in public with the person whom you’re denying dating.

Just hours after swearing to reporters that Chris Stern was not her boyfriend, she took the Sean John marketing exec to a “PoweRgirls” viewing party at Barna on Park Avenue South and smooched with him in front of everyone. As related by our witness: “They were making out and sharing the albondigas [Spanish meatballs] like a scene out of the ’80s Kim Basinger film ’91/2 Weeks.’ When the waiter brought the check, Lizzie and Chris took about 30 minutes to notice that it had been left on the table. After the power make-out session, the couple received a standing ovation from the large bar crowd. Lizzie smiled and said, ‘Thanks,’ on their way out.”

I don’t get the appeal of making out with trash? It’s dirty.

Lizzie, Chris In Smoochfest [Page Six]