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Watch out, Liza’s excited! Who other than Liza Minnelli could bring together Joan Collins and Alan Cumming? The woman, who has launched almost as many comebacks than gay husbands, is set to get things stirred up once again with the re-release of her Liza With a Z concert special.

Liza picked up an Emmy for her performance in the concert, which was filmed on Broadway in May 1972. At the time she was the toast of Tinseltown thanks to her Oscar-winning turn in Cabaret, so she didn’t need to think twice when the film’s director Bob Fosse suggested they collaborate on a groundbreaking new production.

“There had been talk about me doing a television special,” recalled the enduring star. “Back then, when you did a TV special, they usually teamed you up with someone else, and the whole thing was done on videotape to perfection. But people were really talking about Cabaret at this point, so Fosse said ‘We should do this – but we should do it our way’.”

“With all the attention Liza With a ‘Z’ is getting, I feel like I’ve come home again,” said the woman at the centre of everyone’s attention. “This is what I love doing – the dancing, the singing. This is the kind of work I always loved doing. This is where I belong.”

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