Liza Minnelli Extends Reign of Terror

1973-MinelliWho would have thought that 58 year old Liza Minnelli, would have such dastardly sexual powers? And is such an allegedly violent woman. The Smoking Gun has the lawsuit documents.

M’Hammed Soumayah, a married father of two, began working for the 58-year-old Minnelli in 1994 (he had previously worked for the designer Halston, a Minnelli pal). According to the lawsuit, during the course of Soumayah’s employment, he was subjected to “many repeated attempts by Minnelli to compel plaintiff to have sex with her,” entreaties to which he “eventually succumbed.” Soumayah, 56, also charges that he was repeatedly “hit and assaulted” by Minnelli, but tolerated the performer’s “violent outbursts” because he feared losing his $238,000 job.

During an eventful mid-September meeting in Minnelli’s Manhattan apartment, Soumayah claims that she propositioned, kissed, and smacked him, and even spit on her former aide after accusing him of betraying her.

She was probably just drunk.

If this man is a successful bodyguard, why on earth wouldn’t he assume that he could find another job? And don’t you think a $100 Million lawsuit is a little bit far reaching? He’s suing for pain and suffering and psychological damages (therapy will take a long time to deal with your shame of being coerced into having sex by Liza Minnelli), and has physical evidence.