Liz Hurley Caught Topless

July 27th, 2005 // 16 Comments

Liz Hurley and boyfriend Arun Nayer quickly realize that they are being photographed by the paparazzi. Watch Liz quickly cover up after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. hurley burley

    liz hurley is gross.

  2. areufugly?

    yes that was disturbing

  3. timk

    I can’t read lips but she appears to be saying “FFUUU..!”

  4. Leah

    Since she’s got such wonderful ideas about what “fat people” should and shouldn’t wear.. maybe someone should tell her its not so attractive when a woman with saggy TaTas sunbathes topless.

  5. ~ J ~

    I never realized she was so dumpy….. she is giving “fat” people advice…. she is sloppy

  6. Helen

    Well girls, I know she’s been a bitch about fat people but that is what REAL breasts look like!

  7. crystal

    Thank you Helen for telling these idiots that those are how REAL breasts look. I am so tired of people criticizing the look of real breasts. Obviously, we are so accustomed to seeing saline or silicone-filled breasts. Mayabe if it was anna nicole smith topless, her breasts would look okay. Liz Hurley looks better than the average woman who has had a kid would look in a bathing suit. Her breasts are not small and so they are not “perky”. She looks healthy to me.

  8. rabbit

    Also notice she is laying back – can we say gravity people?? Even the perkiest REAL boobs will look a bit saggy when you are lounging…..if they stayed standing up then we would know they were fake!

  9. bad bunny

    yes it’s all true girls…they are real, they sag, gravity…blah blah blah…but i still it’s not the most flattering picture of model/actress Elizabeth Hurley. she kind of has a unsual face in the first pic…probably just so pissed off that she’s being photographed!

  10. The breasts look fine, but look at that face! She really does look like Hugh Grant.

  11. J

    Yeah… I was thinkin’ the same thing. Her face does look a tad manly.

  12. Caz

    After all the things she’s said about ‘fat’ people and what they should or shouldn’t wear she should look in the mirror. I’m glad she’s been caught with her saggies hanging out. I can’t stand the stupid cow!

  13. hurley burley

    It’s not so much her boobs – really didn’t notice. It’s more her whole sour package that I find objectionable. From that fake ass haughty accent to her shitty comments about overweight folks and her weird face. She’s nothing special and seems pretty bitchy for a climber. Seriously didn’t car about the boobs. In fact, compared to the rest of her they may be her best feature!

  14. StickyT

    How about some nice maple syrup for those friggen flapjacks!!!!

  15. ya liz hurley looks fat i think she should cover up she’s not that skinny thing she used to she needs to cover up her cellulite on her legs to and put a bag over that face she’s starting to look like a dike instead of her sexy beutiful self but im glad it happend to her no she’s not getting called sexy now she’s one ofthe ugly people she’s not on top any more. to bad damien didn’t suck on her tits then she would have really small and pontie one’s. o my god she used to look so skinny and sexy now she’s a flabby unsexy manly looking fatty.

  16. M.Kang

    What r u talking about SHE’S HOT!

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