Little Known Fashion Designer Is One Crazy Racist Bitch

I know I’m playing into this twat’s plea for attention, but I was laughing out loud at his needy antics. Seriously, check this out. This Kai Kuhne guy just showed his collection at Bryant Park a couple of weeks ago, and was at a party for handbag designer Ben Cho at NYC club Sway on Sunday night. His credit card was rejected and bitch went nuts and spit in the face of the bartender. So, is he on ‘roids or PCP or something or just that much of a faggy theatrical douche?

“Security escorted him outside, were he started physically assaulting them while screaming at the African-American security guard to ‘go back to Africa,’ ” Garcia said.

“[They] restrained him and called police to mediate the matter…As an officer was examining his identification, Kai then lunged at him, grabbing his arm trying to snatch the ID from the officer. Police had to put him in handcuffs to control him.”

More on the ever so genial Kai Kuhne after the jump.

The club declined to press charges against Kuhne as long as he returned the next night to pay his bill. He did, but with a vengeance – approaching the doorman with the $110 in cash and “trying to shove it in his face,” Garcia said.

“The doorman went inside to retrieve his credit card that had been held as collateral, [and] when he came back outside, Kai was screaming, ‘[Bleep] you! Now you have your money!’ and tore a huge hole in the exterior vestibule. He grabbed a bag full of bottles from the garbage and hit the security guard in the head with it.” Kuhne was arrested on criminal mischief charges.

This isn’t the first time this guy has acted a fool. A couple of weeks ago he was at the Anchor in NYC and tore down a door and scared the beejeezus out of starvation mommas Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Bosworth. He also *snicker* corked himself in the face while opening a champagne bottle during Fashion Week. This guy is necessary at any party.