Little Mix Arrives To London Heathrow Airport. Are They Joining One Direction On Tour?

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The ladies of Little Mix have everything going for them right about now!

Tuesday, January 28, they flew into London Heathrow Airport after what looked to be a lovely trip in Japan.

All throughout the past week they shared such enthusiasm about the trip!

In just a couple of weeks they’ll be off touring with Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony for the Neon Lights Tour. Remember Lovato’s newly debuted hairstyle to celebrate the tour commencing?

What else could happen for them? It almost seems as though life couldn’t get any better.

Perrie Edwards is happily engaged to Zayn Malik, so I suppose she’s one of the luckiest girls in the world!

The only thing that could possibly make life better is going off touring with your husband-to-be, right?!

Well, fans of both bands are in luck! They just might be going on the road, after all!

In case you weren’t aware, this summer One Direction are kicking off their Where We Are Tour in celebration of the album, “Midnight Memories”. If you haven’t heard it yet, go have a listen to it! The songs are so different from anything they’ve ever done and it’s amazing!

Recently, on the website for Columbia Records, fans spotted a peculiar button. It reads, “Supporting: Demi now, 1D this summer”. No confirmation has been made at the moment, though many fans are eagerly awaiting the news!

If they do join the tour, I hope to hear their inspiring song, “Little Me” as part of their set. Never heard it before? Don’t worry! The video is featured below!

Could this mean “Zerrie” are going to have a wedding while on the road together?

Jade Thirlwall didn’t seem too thrilled by the idea of touring with the boys last time she was asked about it. Little Mix is all about girl power. Just listen to their song “Salute” and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. “Representing all the women, salute, salute!”

Now imagine Harry Styles crashing their set and dancing along with them to the song. You’re welcome.

What do you think about these two awesome bands teaming up for a tour? Let us know in the comments below!