Listen to the 911 Call That Resulted in Lindsay Lohan’s 2nd DUI

July 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments


This 911 phone call we’re guessing was made by Michelle Peck, the mother of Lindsay’s former assistant Tarin Graham, although we can’t say for sure, since the police are still keeping mum on the subject. If you click here, you can hear a frantic woman on the line, talking about a “huge white GMC” trailing the vehicle in which she is traveling throughout Los Angeles. I can’t tell if she’s driving or what, but holy crap, she sure is going nuts. From Access Hollywood:

A spokesperson for the department did say when the caller was saying “he’s chasing me,” she was merely presuming a man was behind the wheel.

Lindsay is not mentioned by name at any time during the call. And as the woman begs the police for help, she can be overheard talking to another passenger in her vehicle.

During the call, the woman says a “gentleman jumped out of the car” chasing them.

I’m guessing this means that Lindsay was driving and that she had men in the car with her. All of this is so damn confusing. I’m starting to think the JFK conspiracy is easier to understand. Or a Rubik’s cube. Yes, to me, both are equally difficult to solve. It ain’t exactly a brain trust up in here.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. DiamondSal

    I can imagine the hat on Lilo, sweating, ciggie smoke blinding her, drinking something vodka and energy drink, high and laughing, angry and zonked about anything but getting her way and doing it fast.. the windows open and all those guys hanging out screaming at the Lilo to stop her craziness, spare their vehicle, and for the woman who is in the driveway viewing this.. and is being chased; is warned to get the hell away from them and out to safety.. She’s on the phone to 911, in hysterics screaming ..he.. his car.. him.. chasing me.. oh God help!” Lindsay chasing her.. imagining a gruesome torturous death soon if she doesn’t quickly get to the cops!

  2. Sarah

    That was really hard to listen to, only because it was very frustrating when the woman wouldn’t answer the questions. I understand it was scary being chased, but if you want help……you need to tell them how to help you..not screaming “OMG OMG OK OK OMG OMG!!!!”

  3. melnee

    I totally agree with Sarah. That dispatch guy was so funny, “WHERE ARE YOOOOOUUU?”

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