Listen To An Old Pro: Liza Minnelli Gives Lindsay Lohan Advice On Rehab

If anybody has experience in rehab, it’s legendary Liza Minnelli, seen above in an amay-may outfit from the Sex & The City 2 premiere. Clearly Liza works through her demons through her fashion.

Minnelli appeared on Larry King last night and spoke about Lindsay Lohan, saying, “”I feel sad. And I feel understanding. And I feel that there’s another
road to take. It doesn’t have to be the way it is. I can’t (regret it). I
did it. And that’s accepting. And accepting is probably the biggest
part of the game,” she added.

The Cabaret star has been in and out of rehab several times in her life for several addictions and said that the Betty Ford Clinic truly helped her turn her life around, and that Lindsay has a fair shot in doing the same with support and by doing what she loves with her life.

For more of Minnelli on King, watch a clip after the jump!