LISTEN: Lea’s Michele’s ‘If You Say So’ About Cory Monteith Will Make You Cry

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Have you shed any tears today? No? Well let me change that.

Please enjoy the latest song off of Lea Michele’s album Louder called “If You Say So”. Remember how Lea said she’d written a song about Cory Monteith after he passed away? THIS IS THAT SONG!

And oh my goodness, it is a true tearjerker. 

The song explores Lea’s feelings 7 days after his death as she recalls the last words he ever spoke to her. Can you guess what those words were? If you guessed, “If you say so,” then give yourself a pat on the back.

Well, I’ll let Lea take it from here. After you’ve listened to it once, check out the lyrics on DirectLyrics so you can follow along. Trust me, the tears never stop.