LISTEN: Jessie J Debuts New Song ‘It’s My Party,’ Dedicates It To Her Haters

Jessie J's Fashion
The singer loves those body suits.
Jessie J fans, have we got a treat for you! Audio from her new single (take listen below), “It’s My Party,” from her forthcoming album. Jessie says her new pop anthem is a message to everyone with a negative outlook on life.

Jessie (seen her on Monday at BBC Radio2 in London) tweeted: “UK!! SO excited for the FIRST play of my new single #ItsMyParty coming to a radio station near you from 8am today!! #JessieJItsMyParty”

She told InDemand with Alex James… 

“A lot of the time the haters – I hate calling them haters but that’s the easiest way to sum it up – they need love more so than anyone else. There’s a reason they have that. I don’t think hate does anything for the world. It doesn’t do any good. I wanted to make sure I had a song that represented what I’m about.”

As for the forthcoming music video for the song, Jessie told Capital FM, “It’s basically me having parties. Three very different parties that I kind of bring together as one big party. There’s some cameos in there, some of my best mates in there. It’s a fun video where it’s just me being silly. A lot of humor.”

I personally can’t wait for the new video. Loving the song!

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