LISTEN: Adam Lambert & Lea Michele Rock Out To ‘Barracuda’ On ‘Glee’

Adam & His Mama
Adam Lambert enjoyed a red carpet date with his mom.
Adam Lambert is going to have quite an even more amazing cover repertoire when his time on Glee comes to an end. (Can his time never come to an end? He actually makes me want to watch Glee.)

Adam can add another classic to his song-list with this cover of Heart’s “Barracuda“–all with the help of Lea Michele.

I’m gonna say it guys, this is my favorite cover. Give it a listen after the jump to decide how much you love it! 

He and Lea have some seriously complimentary voices, so I’m hoping this means they’re going to be singing together a lot more. I mean, they can even duet outside of Glee. I would be OK with that.

And here I was thinking that nothing could ever top “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”. I was so naive. Listen below and let the music bring you joy. It’s so, so good. Bravo.