LISTEN: Adam Lambert And Steve Aoki’s ‘Can’t Go Home’ Is A Total Earworm You’re Going To Love

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What a magical world we live in that within the past two weeks we’ve gotten two brand new Adam Lambert singles.

Well, technically this one isn’t an Adam Lambert single, just one he’s feature on. But like, it’s still Adam Lambert singing and it’s great. Remember when Adam and Steve Aoki were sharing photos of a studio session? We finally have the fruits of their labor with the track “Can’t Go Home”. If you’ve had “Welcome To The Show” stuck in your head, this might get it out.

Or you’ll just have a loop of both songs. It could be worse. 

“Can’t Go Home” is a lot less clubby than I thought it would be, and I actually love that about it. It’s a song that you can listen to in your car, as well as a song you get crazy to on the dance floor. I believe that’s what you call multi-purpose music. Steve also brought Felix Jaehn into the mix, proving that three of them really do make beautiful music together. Give it a listen.

“This song is a genre-crossing collaboration from two different worlds between myself and Felix Jaehn, and that’s the beauty in mixing it up and making something so unique as ‘Can’t Go Home,'” Steve told People Magazine about the new track. “Adding one of the best vocalists in the world, Adam Lambert, on it just brings this special song to a whole new level. Super excited about sharing this with the world!” Steve, we are really excited.

In slightly related Adam singing news, his brother got married over the weekend and Adam serenaded the bride and groom with a gorgeous rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. There’s a short video of it someone shared on Instagram, and I wish we had the whole thing.

So totally perfect. Basically guys, all of this makes me really happy. I’ll explain why tomorrow. For now, you guys enjoy yourselves some Adam, Steve and Felix.