Lisa Rinna Shows Off Her Bikini Body & Predicts DWTS Frontrunners

Lisa Rinna has been on television for as long as I remember. And despite those lips, she still looks pretty good in a bikini, as you can see, while vacationing with her family.

She recently caught up with our sister website, Celebuzz, to talk about the new season of Dancing With The Stars!

“I think Jennifer Grey is going to be one of the most fantastic people to watch this season,” Rinna said. “I know her, she’s a friend of mine and I can’t wait to see her.

We can’t wait to see her either – but won’t people say, ‘It’s not fair, she’s got moves from Dirty Dancing?’

She probably will get a little bit of that but she’s 50 years old now and that movie was 23 years ago!”

She and husband Harry Hamlin have a new reality show that premieres on TV Land on Oct. 6 called Harry Loves Lisa, which follows them in their daily lives and she said she’s not afraid of the so-called reality ‘curse’ on couples.

“As for this curse that people talk about, if we didn’t know our relationship was strong, we wouldn’t be doing it. If we had had any kind of issues or whatever, a reality show is not going to be the thing to bring us down.

We’ve been married 13 years and together 18 – that’s like 150 in Hollywood years!”