Lisa Rinna Not Only Needs A Job But Some Hobbies Too

March 19th, 2009 // 5 Comments

You know the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words? Never have we thought of an example so applicable.

Unfortunately, we’re loath to waste a thousand keystrokes on Lisa Rinna or the new Melrose Place spin-off. Both are sad, past their prime, and besides Ashlee Simpson‘s got that on lockdown.

Guess E!’s Marc Malkin never put in those good words for her. Lisa still must be “way down on the totem pole” to reprise her role of Taylor McBride.

Time to up that three martinis we gifted her to four or five. Let’s just knock her out and put her to bed already.

Gallery Info: Lisa Rinna being classy in West Hollywood.

By Melissa Noble

  1. Zekers

    She has ruined her face. She looks ridiculous…hemorrhoid mouth.

  2. Pathetic

    So pathetic. Surely there is a daytime soap that would hire her. That is what she started out doing. The daytime soaps have a lot of plastic surgery victims and I am sure they would hire her freaky ass back. If she needs money she should travel around the country as a speaker for reasons why not to destroy your face/body with plastic surgery.

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