Lisa Rinna Finally Explains How Her Lips Became To Be

It all started 23 years ago for Lisa Rinna, “I had silicone put in my top lip not the bottom lip.” She wanted the look that Barbara Hershey had in Beaches, “plump and beautiful,” said Rinna. “I was gullible enough to go and do it.”

Not that she was dissatisfied with the outcome. She loved the look, which, she noted, “Made me who I am.” But then the silicone hardened, and the look of the scar tissue was no longer plump and beautiful. Next came a cortisone injection, and that was “gross,” she said.

“I do not blow up and down my lips,” she assured fans.

Why the revelation now? She’s got things to promote. Her book, Rinnavation, due to be published Tuesday, and a spread in Playboy. I could mention the other lips in relation to Playboy, but I’m not going to go down that road.

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