Lisa Vanderpump Shops While Her New Home Is Revealed

Holy crap.  Lisa Vanderpump managed to sell her 17,000 sq. foot mansion in Beverly Hills for $19 million so that she and husband Ken Todd could move to a more modest 8,000 sq. foot home for $10 million.  The new abode, which TMZ has obtained pictures of, boasts 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a two-story library, humungous master suite and (natch) a pool with canyon views.

The home is definitely more modern-looking that LVP’s former chateau, which was vury vury girly-looking.  According to the Daily Mail, Vanderpump told Radar that “The new house needs extensive remodeling to suit me and my husband’s needs.”  Meanwhile, they’ll be staying in a rented home up in Montecito.

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Did you see those TWO outdoor lounge areas?  OMG for life, I want to be LVP’s kid.  That way she could take me shopping AND provide me with my own suite.  Arrggh, life.  Why must you hand me lemons?