Lisa Vanderpump Gives NBC & Bravo A Kick In The Teeth By Appearing On ‘Good Morning America’ [PHOTOS]

'Vanderpump Rules'
It's all about sex with these kids.
Oh sh*t.  Lisa Vanderpump’s appearance on Good Morning America today pissed off Bravo executives, and with good reason.

Radar Online reports that the higher-ups are “seeing red” after Vanderpump headed to the morning show that is kicking Today’s ass in the ratings war.

“Lisa’s appearance on Good Morning America has Bravo network officials seeing red. NBC Universal, which owns Bravo, couldn’t believe that Lisa appeared on GMA which has been routinely been trouncing TODAY,” a source told Radar.

This makes sense, since Vanderpump Rules premieres tonight on Bravo.

LVP, for her part, doesn’t get why everyone’s panties are in a bunch over this. 

“She was asked to come on the show by her very dear friend, Lara Spencer,” a source told Radar.  “The two have known each other a very long time, and Lara asked her about the show.”

I’m over it.  I want more LVP.  I want more of Giggy in a leopard fur coat!