Lisa Vanderpump Dishes On Her Sexy New Reality Show, ‘Vanderpump Rules’

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For those of you who love The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsLisa Vanderpump, prepare to love even harder.

The restauranter and spot-on impersonator of Kim Richards scored herself a spin-off with Bravo.  Aptly titled Vanderpump Rules, the series follows the antics of LVP’s staff at West Hollywood restaurant & bar, Sur.

Sur is a very sexy spot.  In fact, Vanderpump prefers to use even stronger adjectives to describe her latest venture.  ”Racy, a little too sexy (sometimes), a lot of sentiment because of the dynamics of the kids involved,” Vanderpump said during a conference call today (December 17th).  ”And avant garde.”

What Vanderpump doesn’t find sexy are the storylines that develop outside of work.  As one of the show’s producers, Vanderpump does have a lot of creative control, but she’s also forced to bear witness to her employees’ actions and behavior when they’re not at Sur.

“It gets a little crazy at some points,” Vanderpump said, clearly still reeling from fresh memories.  ”I was disappointed sometimes when I saw their behavior outside the restaurant, but that’s something I can’t control.

“It’s not a playground [the business] and I have to toughen up with them [her staff].  You also see the other side, because I feel compassionately for them.  A lot of people will say to me, “Why don’t you fire them?” It’s because I understand that a lot of them are kids and they make mistakes.  I suppose I feel a certain amount of responsiblity for them.” 

Vanderpump acknowledges that most of her employees don’t plan on sticking with the restaurant business for long.

“Sur is in West Hollywood, they all [the staff] want to be doing something else, which is annoying to me that work is not their priority.  They don’t want to go into the restaurant business, but it’s the nature of the beast in Hollywood.  Many of our servers are singers/models/actors/ dancers.  Perhaps they’re a little more precocious in some ways than the staff at the other restaurants I run.

“I have to be firm, but there’s a motherly aspect to running Sur as well, because I end up getting close to some of them.  Most of my kids have been on staff a really long time.  Vanderpump Rules is a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on between the staff, which includes a lot of their bad behavior.

I have seen it [the footage] and have not been happy about it.  [The cameras] follow them when they’re outside the restaurant.  But (she laughs) I could honestly say that if most employers caught on to what their employees were doing, most of them wouldn’t have a job on Monday morning.”

Phew!  All that hard work.  How does an English rose like LVP keep herself looking fresh at 52 years young?

“The hardest part about getting older is is keeping your weight down.  I’m passionate about my restaurants and eating.  I’m not one of those women who will say, “Oh, I’ll have a carrot and a plate of vegetables.”  I really do eat.  I try and sample all my food, and I drink.  I have a glass of wine, two glasses of wine every dinner time.  I love to live and experience food and wine.”

And the beauty routine?

“I haven’t done anything major, but I definitely do a bit of the botox and filler.  I use stripping cream/retinol acid/retin a to keep the skin exfoliated and moving.  Otherwise, I’m pretty low-maintenance.

“The young girls have time on their side.  Their skin is plump, dewy and gorgeous.  At that age you have insecurities and worries about this and that.  It’s when you get to your fourties, you look back and think ‘Why did I complain about anything at that age?’  I should have walked around naked, basically!”

On her signature pink lip gloss: “I think Chanel lip glosses are amazing.  They’re a different texture, and you really pay for what you get.  There’s two: #11 and then I mix it with a pinker one, #02, then add a nude pencil to line the lips. If you get a bit [of color] on your eyelashes and a bit on your mouth, then you’re good to go.”

How did the RHOBH cast mates react to news of LVP’s spin-off?  ”Taylor [Armstrong] sent me flowers, and Brandi [Glanville]‘s been very supportive.  Kyle [Richards] tweeted that she loves Vanderpump Rules [upon hearing the news].  I don’t think Adrienne [Maloof]‘s mentioned it, and I’ve never had a discussion with her.  With most of my co-stars, we didn’t discuss it.

It’s an exciting time, for me even now I still have to pinch myself just for the sheer fact that my name is on the small screen.”

Vanderpump felt it important to acknowlegdge the recent happenings in Newtown, CT, proving that no matter who you are – be it a member of the 1%, 49%, celebrity, personal assistant, bank teller, etc – things like this bring you right back down to earth.

“I know this [remark] has nothing to do with [the show] but my heart really, really goes out to the families of those children who were lost this time of year. I had young children and now they’ve grown, and my heart breaks for them.  That certainly keeps everything in perspective and it’s been a very sad week for America.  God bless all the families and their loved ones.”

I love you, LVP.

Vanderpump Rules premieres January 7th, 2013 on Bravo.

By Kelly Lynch

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